Precision, repeatability and portability are imperative when working with test equipment, so having a dependable battery ensures no data is lost or compromised.

Test & Measurement Equipment

The Power Of Accuracy And Precision

Totex’s electrical engineering expertise is crucial when designing a battery or charging solution for test and measurement applications.

Arriving at a remote site and discovering that the battery in your portable test equipment is dead can be a disaster.

Improper power delivery or spikes in EMI can be especially harmful to sensitive lab equipment. Thankfully, Totex has years of experience designing battery packs for some of the most trusted companies in the test & measurement market.

Here are just a few examples of the devices Totex’s batteries and chargers support:

  • Infrared Cameras and Scanners
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Network Analyzers
  • Multi-meters
  • Laser Measurement
  • GPS-based Measurement
  • Thermal Measurement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strategically grow while maintaining our reputation of having fast customer response times, technical expertise, and a culture of high quality and efficiency leading to the design and manufacture of high quality batteries and chargers at competitive prices.