Standard Chargers

Compatibility with standard battery packs up to 99.5Wh and zero development costs. That is a winning combination!

Standard Charging Solutions

Benchtop & Multi-Bay

Totex’s standard chargers are compatible with a 3S1P, 3S2P, 3S3P, 4S1P, and 4S2P standard battery packs and has the capability to decipher which battery has been installed into each of its bays automatically. If you have a custom battery pack that is not compatible with our standard charger, Totex’s line of semi-custom chargers utilizes several base platforms for which tooling already exists. Only the upper platform needs to be tooled to accommodate different battery shapes and sizes. While the shape and texture of the base platform are set, customers have a multitude of options for making the upper platform their own (texture, color, shape, etc.).

None of Totex’s standard chargers appear to meet your needs? We would be happy to discuss our custom charger design capabilities with you.

35+ years of custom battery and charger experience

  • Seamless charging of most Totex standard battery packs
  • Battery ID capability
  • Zero development costs
  • Short lead times with off-the-shelf availability
  • Certified to safety compliance standards
  • Customization options (labeling, colors, authentication, etc.)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strategically grow while maintaining our reputation of having fast customer response times, technical expertise, and a culture of high quality and efficiency leading to the design and manufacture of high quality batteries and chargers at competitive prices.