100% of Totex’s batteries and charging solutions are engineered in-house.

Engineering & Product Development

Whether you have a rough sketch on a napkin or a complete design, Totex can bring your battery and charger requirements to reality. We aren’t a design-house. Totex is your product development partner.
Take advantage of our engineering expertise and let us refine your design to optimize performance, mechanical compatibility, and dependability.

Designing, programming and building battery circuitry which meets all of your electrical requirements, provides protection for the host device, and operates without bugs is what you expect from a battery company. Totex’s electrical designs are some of the best in the industry and our applications have proven this over the past 35+ years.

Expertise in plastics, contact design, venting, locking mechanisms, IP ratings, and design for manufacturability. We partner with our customers at the early stages of product development to take their rough battery and charger concepts to full production.

FMEA, MTBF, thermal, structural, performance derating, life cycle testing, statistical process control. We can do it all.

What would you expect from a company with an annual DPPM consistently under 500?

End Product
It can be reassuring to work with a supplier that has designed and manufactured thousands of products
across a wide variety of industries. There is a good chance that we have developed a similar power solution in our 35+ years of operation, but our engineers love a challenge.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strategically grow while maintaining our reputation of having fast customer response times, technical expertise, and a culture of high quality and efficiency leading to the design and manufacture of high quality batteries and chargers at competitive prices.